An Artemis Wedding

Bride and Groom looking into each other's eyes after the ceremony in front of a vintage boat
Dear Friends,
There’s nothing more exciting (or daunting) than planning a wedding, and all of the little details that go into it and make it so personal. Around this time last year, I was poring over beautiful velvets and Kilims to find the perfect colors for my own wedding day. It was one of the most fun parts of planning and the results were fabulous! I selected a lush ivory-toned silk velvet for my own shoes, in two different shapes, a loafer and a slip-on (a bride needs options!), and a neutral- toned Kilim for my now husband’s groomsmen. We gathered all of the men’s shoe sizes and created a beautiful collection of Kilim loafers for them. Every pair was one-of-a-kind, but cut from the same cloth, so to speak. Just like the men wearing them! 
Take a look at some of our wedding photos below, and let us know on our Weddings page if you’d be interested in creating something custom for your own special day. 

Wedding Velvet Collection

In designing my wedding shoes, I wanted something that would feel luxurious and special, but comfortable enough to dance all night in, and our Velvet Slipper fit the bill perfectly!
I found myself going back to them right away on my honeymoon with jeans, and now to work almost everyday.  The amazing thing is, it rained on my wedding day so I was wearing these all night in freshly mowed wet grass (usually a disaster for light colored shoes!), but somehow the ivory velvet still looks incredible!

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Sister of the bride holding our silk velvet loafers.My sister and maid of honor Annabel holding the Pearl Velvet Loafers.
 My dress was really classic, so I wanted to have more fun with the accessories. I found this dotted tulle, and my talented sister, Annabel, made it into a veil. I love the delicate effect of the little black polka dots! Gerry was the best accessory by far!
 Thank you to Krissy Price of Boston Pollen for doing an incredible job with our flower arrangements! And another big thank you to my mom for our custom wedding rings, made by her company, Galatea Fine Jewelry.
bride wearing her wedding dress and pearl velvet slippers looking out the window holding her bouquet.
 We got ready at my aunt’s house in Westport, Massachusetts. She is a renowned photographer and a collector of beautiful antiques, rugs, and artwork. Her interiors made an incredible backdrop for our photos. 
Portrait of the brides family.
 My dad, with all the ladies!
Groom with his groomsmen

Groomsmen Collection

“Cut from the same cloth”.  One of our favorite projects is to create a collection of Kilim shoes cut from the same carpet for a wedding party! The process is simple-- we source a Kilim carpet in the color scheme you are looking for, and then have a collection of Kilim loafers made for you and your groomsmen or bridesmaids to wear on your special day, or simply as a meaningful gift for your closest friends and family (no wedding necessary!).
 My husband and his groomsmen were dance floor ready in their
Groomsmen standing on the beach in their mens kilim loafers
 It started raining right as we were leaving for the church so we had to resort to our rain plan. Luckily my father was prepared with the largest umbrella on the planet! I worried about rain all week, but when it actually happened, I couldn’t have cared less. 
Bride and father of the bride standing outside the church. Father bride wearing mens kilim loafers. Bride is wearing peal silk loafers.
Portrait of the bride and mother of the bride.
 My mother, Kai, looked so beautiful in a floral evening gown and jewelry from her company, Galatea Fine Jewelry. Our florist, Krissy Price, put together the most beautiful bouquets of Baby’s Breath and Astilbe for my mom and my sister.  The bouquets looked like clouds of tiny flower buds!
 One of my favorite photos from our ceremony. Two of our five precious flower girls, Charley Kettler and Stella Blair making their way down the aisle at their own pace. They looked so sweet in our custom Raffia Lace Ups, and custom Smiling Button dresses.
Flower girls walking down the isle wearing raffia sandals.
 Even the piano player (our dear friend Andy) wore our Kilim Loafers.
My dad walked me down the aisle in his custom Artemis Kilim Loafers, of course!
Bride and groom exchanging their vows surrounded by flower arrangements in the church
 We were married in a small Quaker church in South Dartmouth, MA.
Gerry, dog of the married couple to be, watching the ceremony inside the church.
 Gerry enjoyed watching his parents get married!
Bride and groom leaving the ceremony in a vintage boat.
 We rode from the church to the reception in an antique boat, towed on a trailer! It was a little chilly, but really fun.
landscape surrounding the reception in westport, ma.
first dance of the bride and groom. Groom dancing in men's kilim loafers, bride dancing in pearl velvet slippers.
All the artemis kilim shoe wearers at the reception.
 Someone had the great idea of capturing a photo of everyone in their Kilim shoes (most everyone wore Artemis!). Things were a little wild at that point in the night, but we managed to take a photo on the dance floor. 
portrait of the groom and bride. Groom wearing mens kilim loafers
All wedding photography is by Courtney Ryan of Lens Cap Productions.