What’s the difference between our men's Kilim shoes?

Men's Kilim Loafers

Men’s Kilim Loafers

Our Men’s Kilim Loafers are inspired by classical formalwear. In particular, the velvet slippers sometimes known as “Prince Albert Slippers” that men wore with smoking jackets in their studies while partaking in after-dinner cigars. But you don’t need a smoking jacket—and you certainly don’t need a cigar—to enjoy the classic appeal of the smoking slipper, which continues to conjure old-school notions of sophistication, particularly when cut from a vintage Kilim carpet.

Men’s Kilim Loafers can be paired with chinos, denim, and even swim trunks. But the formalwear roots of our men’s Kilim Loafer make it a fine match to a blue blazer, and yes, even a tux if you’re feeling bold.

The fit of our Men’s Kilim Loafer can be a bit generous—we recommend sizing down. And don’t worry if the toe box feels a big snug to start. Like a fine leather dress shoe, it will mold to the shape of your foot with wear.

Men's Kilim Slippers 

Men's Kilim Slippers

Like our Men’s Kilim Loafers, our Men’s Kilim Slippers feature a higher vamp and a ¾ inch heel. But as a mule style, the Kilim Slipper features an open back that ensures feet can slide straight in.

The mule has a long and rich history stretching back to ancient Rome, where they were worn by high-ranking magistrates and called mulleus calceus. This backless style later became synonymous with bedroom wear, but caught on as daytime wear in the 18th century French royal court.

If you enjoy the look of our Men’s Kilim Loafers but want to have something a bit more casual, the Men’s Kilim Slipper is an excellent choice. You can pair it with denim, khaki shorts, or wear simply wear it at home with a favorite robe. The easy-on nature of its fit makes it a match for quick errands, but its higher amount of coverage helps to suit it for longer-term wear, too.

We’ve found that our Men’s Kilim Slippers run a full size smaller than our Men’s Kilim Loafers. We recommend ordering the European equivalent of your US size, or going one size larger than your Men’s Kilim Loafer size.