What's in her bag? The Brimfield Antiques Fair

The Brimfield Antiques fair is finally upon us!  We are exhibiting all week in Shelton's Field, space M3 (the exact same spot as last year).    Setting up yesterday was so much fun (even in the pouring rain!).  We saw friends and neighbors that we met last year, and got a sneak peek at some of the incredible antiques for sale.  We hope that you visit our booth between now and Sunday!
Our new Velvet Drawstring pouch is the perfect bag for shopping at Brimfield. It holds so much, pulls closed securely with a drawstring (good for keeping lots of cash safely on hand!), and keeps all of the essentials.     Here is a little guide to what we recommend packing to do Brimfield like a pro!
Our Kilim Loafers, of course! Is there anything more fun than shopping for vintage carpets while wearing vintage carpets on your feet?  They'll make a great conversation starter with that rug dealer you are haggling with, and give you instant Brimfield cred.     We wouldn't recommend wearing them on one of the heavy rain days, but they are perfect for pretty much any other spring day. If they get a little wet (mine got soaked through yesterday during set up), just let them dry thoroughly and brush any dirt off with a bristle shoe brush. They'll be as good as new!
When you are shopping for your new interior design scheme, it's helpful to have some essential tools on hand. I like to go to Brimfield prepared with a simple floor plan of any rooms I'm shopping for, a tape measure, and paint chips that might correspond with the overall color scheme of the room that I'm decorating for.
Anything from the collection of Behida Dolic's hat store in Hudson New York.
It's fun to snap photos of all of the pieces you are thinking about with a polaroid to then put them together and imagine how they'd work as a decor scheme.  You can do this with your iPhone, but it's a little more romantic (and in the Brimfield spirit!) to use an old Polaroid camera!
Kilim shoes and Kilim loafers at brimfield antiques fair
velvet drawstring bag on couch
Brimfield market- Artemis design co team