What's in her bag? A quick trip to Bermuda!

For this trip, I'm bringing our new Goldie Velvet Drawstring. I absolutely love the architectural elements of the pattern, and the bright pops of blue and orange- it feels like a perfect piece for a warm, tropical place like Bermuda.     I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but this bag is not just beautiful, but incredibly practical and useful for everyday wear.
The Brigitte Velvet Babouches. These shoes were practically made for a tropical, warm, colorful place like Bermuda.  They are the perfect shoe to take you from the beach, to an evening out on the town.
Traveling, whether on a work trip or on vacation is really the only time I paint- there are so many less distractions.    I found this little watercolor travel set at a paint store called Charvin in Paris- right on the Seine. We were only there for a 4 hour layover, so we took a cab straight from CDG to St. Germaine (my favorite neighborhood!), had an incredible lunch and wandered around. Using it always brings me back to that magical day.
I've used Mason Pearson hairbrushes since I was a kid, always borrowing my mother's.  My grandparents brought me to London when I was 12, and I remember saving up my pennies for months to buy my own!  I still have that one, but have a couple of extras to travel with.     A nice lip color- loving this dark bobbi brown color right now.     I always have at least 2 Stewart & Claire "La Nuit" in my purse. The jasmine bergamot smell is addicting.
Un Jardin Après La Mousson by Hermes- a really unusual scent that smells like melon to me. It's the signature scent of my best childhood friend, which I adopted (or "stole"!) from her. I don't know if I love it for the scent or because it reminds me of her and her joyous way of living. Either way, it's a perfect, light summery perfume.     Verbena roll on- I found this in Fez, on a recent trip with my mom. It smells sunny and fresh.
I plan to wear gingham and comfortable block print dresses and blouses all spring and summer long.
My favorite shelter magazine.  There is so much creativity in everything that this magazine does- from the subject matter it covers, to the way it displays its favorite new textiles. The rooms and homes that the magazine features are so far from cookie cutter, and are incredibly inspiring.
I actually just finished this book a week ago, but I had to include it because I want everyone to know about it!  It's one of the best stories I've read in a long time- I couldn't put it down and was sobbing by the end of it!  I'm thrilled to hear that it will be made into a movie soon.     My other favorite read from this past year was "Educated", by Tara Westover. Such an inspiring, incredible memoir.
I will admit it- I've forgotten to pack my passport before an international trip.   I was living in New York City at the time, and was 2 hours away from my apartment when it happened.  Needless to say,  I missed my flight.  Luckily I was traveling solo, and there was another flight a few hours later!     What I remember most about the experience (besides my initial shock and awe) was how grateful I was that my family and friends didn't make me feel completely terrible about it!  I remember so well my dad saying "if you don't lose or forget your passport every once in a while then you aren't getting out enough!".  It was a really nice way to spin a silly mistake!  Now I pack my passport welllll in advance of any international trip ;)
A comfortable robe (this India Amory block print robe is my favorite!!) is such a nice little luxury to have on a trip- especially when you aren't staying in a hotel that provides them.