Velvet Holiday Look Book

Our leopard print and black and white velvet boots on a moroccan carpet, worn by our designer and her sister in her home.This Holiday Collection is handmade with luxe hand-loomed silk velvet and supple suede and leather. All of our velvet textiles are handmade by a women's collective in Uzbekistan. The shoes are then constructed by hand in a small, family-owned workshop in Turkey.


The Margaux Velvet Loafers

The red velvet loafers
The red velvet loafers

We're bringing back another favorite from the early days of Artemis Design Co.-- our best-selling Loafer shape in luxe, hand-loomed velvet.  This snazzy style is a perfect choice for holiday gatherings, but we really love how it elevates our everyday outfits.

The Clementine Velvet Loafers

leopard print velvet loafers on needle point chair

leopard print velvet boots and loafersOur leopard print loafers worn on a moroccan carpet next to our matching velvet boots.Shop this style here.


The Louise Velvet Loafers

The Louise Velvet Loafers
The Louise Velvet Loafers

The Claudine Velvet Slippers

The Claudine velvet Loafers on chair in designer Milicent Armstrong's home
Claudine velvet slippers on a moroccan carpet
This shoe was originally designed (in off white) by Milicent, for her own wedding day. She was looking for something for her fall wedding that would feel luxurious and special, but comfortable enough to dance all night in. She loved wearing this style shoe at the wedding, but even more afterwards with jeans, patterned pants, and skirts.

The Eve Velvet Slippers

our black and white velvet slippers on a moroccan carpet in milicent's home.
Our black and white velvet slippers on a cow hide.

The Roxana Velvet Boot

 Our leopard print velvet boot worn by Milicent Armstrong.

Our velvet leopard print boot photographed in front of a large plant in the designer's home.

Our velvet boots styled on a moroccan carpet in the designer's home.Our patterned velvet boot is made with sumptuous hand-loomed velvet, a perfectly walkable heel, and unusual patterns that will add style to your everyday outfits.

Shop this style here.


The Frances Velvet Boots

The Frances Velvet boots

The Frances velvet boots, our black and white print boots.

Our leopard print and black and white velvet boots worn by Milicent and her sister. Shop this style here.


Photography by Lauren O'Neil.