Spotlight On: Our Collaboration with Jen Pinkston

We are are so excited to release our Jen Pinkston x Artemis Design Co. collection of one of a kind Kilim Sandals and Kilim Slides. This collection is made from two very special Kilim carpets that Jen selected for their vibrant stripes and happy demeanor (if a Kilim can have a demeanor :) we think it can!).  It so perfectly reflects Jen's sunny outlook on life, and her beautiful, effortlessly chic lifestyle.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Jen for our Journal, and got all sorts of great home design, travel and lifestyle tips. We hope you enjoy reading the interview below, and that you scoop up one of these special and limited edition pieces before they are gone!



 Jen in Artemis Kilim Shoes- Slides

What are 3 words to describe your style?

Effortless, casual, simple
Jen Pinkston bathroom

Favorite design advice?

Design for yourself, not for anyone else.
Jen in Artemis Kilim Shoes- Slides

What is your favorite room and/or space in your home, and why?

That’s so hard! Probably our bedroom. It feels like such a retreat. I always find myself looking forward to hopping in bed after the kids go to sleep or spending a few quiet minutes in our cozy corner reading nook.
Jen in Artemis Kilim Shoes- Slides 

Biggest and most favorite splurge?

Our Claire Oswalt piece that’s hanging in the hallway off our living room. 
Jen pinkston home

Favorite/least expensive treasure you’ve found?

I’m obsessed with the coffee table in our living room. It was less than $200 on sale at Urban Outfitters.

Any trends that you don’t care for?  Or design pet-peeves that you have?

I’m not into super glam things unless they’re juxtaposed by something more earthy. 
Jen in Artemis Kilim Shoes- Slides

What are your favorite places to source materials, furniture, art and objects for your home?

I love finding things in my travels. We found our sofa and dining room pendant while in Stockholm, some of my favorite ceramics while in Santa Fe, and a handful of vintage pieces from the Long Beach, Pasadena, and Round Top flea markets. I think pieces for your home make the best souvenirs! 

Your favorite travel advice?

Just book it! Travel is always going to be optional. There’s always going to be a more logical way to spend money or a “better time”, but you just have to do it! It shapes you as a human and gives your mind such a new frame of reference. 

Most memorable travel experience?

Oh my gosh so many! Taking long exposure night shots in Bruges when it started raining on us, watching my leg muscles shake uncontrollably after a 6 hour hike across the Great Wall of China, eating Paella on a topless beach in Mallorca, watching a two year old Parker hula on stage in Maui.
Jen in Artemis Kilim Shoes- Slides

Most cherished souvenir you’ve brought home from your travels?

We were recently in Iceland and I brought back a stone from many of the different spots we visited. They’re all volcanic but so different from each other. Aaron even found one on the floor of Blue Lagoon that now sits next a small collection of things in our kitchen. It instantly takes me back!

What are 3 things that you always pack in your suitcase?

A new book or two, my favorite pair of jeans and a dress that can go from day to night. 

Dream future trip?

I have still never been to Greece! Next year will be our 10 year wedding anniversary and thinking that might be a fitting trip. We are hoping to travel to the North Shore of Oahu with the whole family at the end of this year which is something I’ve been dreaming about for a bit, too.

What is your favorite Artemis Design Co. item, and why?

The mules from our Artemis x Jen Pinkston collection! You can wear them year round (at least in Texas!) and they go with everything!
Jen in Artemis Kilim Shoes- Sandals

What is your favorite book, and why?

So hard to choose just one! I have loved books my whole life. My mom used to have to tell me to put down The Little House on the Prairie and please go play outside! I thought Michelle Obama’s Becoming was really amazing and very inspiring. I’m also making my ways slowly through 15 Laws of Growth. It’s super helpful and actionable.

Best advice you've ever received?

Be confident in yourself. It’s not flashy or catchy, but it confidence in yourself is the beginning of every goal ever reached. 
Jen in Artemis Kilim Shoes- Slides

Cannot live without?

My family. They’re everything to me.