Profile: Julia Amory

In our Artemis Profile series, we feature friends, customers, and Artemis community members in their natural element.
We profiled Julia, the owner and founder of India Amory, the obsession-worthy block print tablecloth and linen purveyor out of Southhampton, NY for this Artemis Profile. Julia and I have a funny connection. One afternoon I was scrolling through Julia's beautiful Instagram profile and I came across a wedding photo of Julia's, which revealed her middle name- Estabrook. I immediately reached out to Julia, since this was my late great grandmother's family name and I thought there might be a connection. We were delighted to discover that we actually are cousins by blood, and not only our mutual love for beautiful textiles.
We hope that you enjoy reading Julia's interview below. Her travel advice- "Bermuda (for the soul) and Paris (for the mind) as often as one could afford" is advice we are definitely going to heed (in our Artemis shoes, of course!).

Julia, the owner and founder of India Amory, with dog on white couch in white and blue womens silk loafers.

What is your favorite Artemis Design Co. item, and why?
Can't limit myself to one. The Women's Kilim Loafers are my everyday neutral but given i've always felt strongly that I was intended to be born in 18th century France, the Jane Silk Loafers are a bit evocative of Versailles -- an elegant and exotic Ikat that makes my heart sing! 

What is your most memorable/special piece of clothing, jewelry, or accessory?
My great grandmother's wedding band which I wear with my wedding and engagement ring. Evidently she liked sapphires too! 

What room in your house resonates the most with you, and why? 
The whole house! It's a cohesive experience. We've been working hard to jazz up the interior in anticipation of the summer ahead -- lots of Lee Jofa chintz which will only get better with time-- meant to brighten and highlight many generations worth of collected treasures (and junk). I believe in facelifts rather than redecorating. 

white and blue silk loafers with french revolution painting.

What is your favorite book, and why? 
"Duc de Sant Simon Historical Memoirs" (as mentioned - addicted to the French Revolution) and "Anna Karenina" as imperial Russian history is a close second.

Best advice you've ever received?
Nothing worth having is easily earned -- there is no greater feeling than accomplishment.

Silk loafers match the handmade table clothe they are resting on.

Dream future trip? 
Castles of the Auvergne--Rhone Alpes

Cannot live without?
My emotionally disturbed English Cream Dachshund, Gracie, and of course, my growing collection of Artemis Kilim shoes and Kilim loafers.

painting of royal bermuda yacht club.

Best travel advice you've ever received?
My grandfather, Peter Megargee Brown (look him up, his memoirs are a hoot, especially "Village") advocated traveling to Bermuda (for the soul) and Paris (for the mind) as often as one could afford -- advice I've heeded.

Most memorable travel experience?
Always Bermuda -- see above, it feeds the soul.

map of bermuda.

Image credits: Images 1 & 3 courtesy of Julia Amory, Image 2, Versailles, Le château de Trianon vu du côté des jardins. Gravure d'après J. Rigaud, XVIIIe siècle. © J.-L. Charmet, source:, Image 4:, Image 5: