November Mood Board

Our November mood board is made up of images that inspire us and pairs of our kilim shoes that we love.

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1. Men's Kilim Loafers

 2. Women's Kilim Smoking Shoes 

3. Men's Kilim Loafers 

4. Women's Kilim Loafers  

5. Baby Kilim Duffle  

6. Women's Kilim Loafers  

7. McNeill Velvet Smoking Shoes 

8. Kilim Belt 

9. Women's Kilim Smoking Shoes



Image Credit starting from the top: Acorn St. Canvas Print by Joann Vitali, Harper's Bazar cover from 1894. Louis John Rhead, Bouquet via Design Sponge Photos by India Hobson, Postcard from 1895 Calendar - Boston. Bibliothèque du Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris. Les Editions Braun, Paris., Photography by our food stories via Domino magazine, Bouquet via Design Sponge Photos by India Hobson, Photography by starsmasquerading.tumblr photo via Domino Magazine, Photo by  Shannen Natasha via 100 Layer Cake, Plan59 - Retro Vintage 1950s Christmas Ads and Holiday Art -- Lucille Corcos, 1953, Pumpkins at the Town and Country Fair photo via, Thanksgiving parade 1966 via Elle Decor,  Thanksgiving table via Elle Decor, Arrangement and photo by @yasminemei.