Musings on Motherhood

We asked a few of our mama friends about their thoughts on motherhood, and their favorite Artemis items... to give you a few gift ideas!


"My favorite thing about motherhood is going into Edie's room first thing in the morning and kissing her happy little face. Also, anytime she falls asleep in my arms....that's the absolute best feeling in the world!!"


Kai Armstrong (Milicent's mom) on motherhood and grandmotherhood

"The most valuable and important responsibility in the world is the raising of a child. There is no other love that comes close to the love a mother has for her children."


"The other most wonderful gift is the birth of my granddaughter, Edie.  Being a grandmother makes you feel in love again… The pic was taken on my birthday when we all went out to Cuttyhunk Island for a picnic."


Cliffy Shiner (McNeill's mom) on joys of grown children

"My motherhood of young children has all melded into soft, blurry remembrances…the trials have mostly faded, and the memories are very pleasant. But the wealth and wonder of four adult children, each their own delightful and interesting person, is beyond imagining. Spending time with them is treasure, and observing their love and care for their parents and for each other is rich reward."


Julia Amory of India Amory, on motherhood

"It's such a privilege to be around someone who is so unconditionally (and unflappably) happy - my daughter is a daily reminder that no matter how daunting a challenge may seem, everything is going to be just fine."


Mothers-to-be Lizzie and Kathryn Fortunato of Lizzie Fortunato Jewels, on what they most look forward to

Kathryn: "Snuggling with and getting to know a new human! And watching my husband interact with him, I think he’s going to be an awesome dad."


Lizzie: "Seeing the wonder of everything through a kid’s eyes. And lots of cute girl outfits!"


Emily Keneally of Alice Walk, on a first year of motherhood

"It’s been a wild first year together with so many happy memories and exciting milestones, but I think my favorite moments are the everyday ones — waking up to her big smile and bringing her into my bed for extra snuggles, our daily morning and early evening walks to the beach, reading her stories and hearing her infectious giggle. The extra time with her at home recently has been one silver lining during an otherwise unsettling time."


Lucy Cuneo of The Wedding Lab, on sharing delight

"There are too many to name but I love the day to day delight our son brings into our lives — every day he does something that amuses or surprises us and it makes for this very blissful family unit as my husband and I catch each other’s eyes in amazement!! And I can’t wait for the newborn phase again.  Now that I know what to expect and know that it’s so fleeting I really hope I will be able to sink into it and enjoy every moment."


 Kaity Cimo of For Now, on a daily joy

"The first thing that comes to mind is my favorite moment of the day with my kids: when we're reading before bed and I play with their hair and smell their heads. Creepy sounding? Probably. The best feeling? Definitely."


Eliza Harris of Sister Parish Design, on multi-generational motherhood.

Above: Four generations of mothers and daughters (Sister, Apple, Susan & Eliza (mother to be)
"I look forward to introducing my son to my mother and grandmother!"