Photo Journal: Morocco


A photo journal from our most recent trip.

Man on motorcyle on tiled floor in front of salmon colored building.

"The Red City" Marrakesh 

Light pink street with cobblestone in Marrakech.Motorcycle resting in salmon colored entryway.Colorful fruit market covered by umbrellas in Marrakech.

Farmers Market

Lovely door exterior. Door frame filled with intricate teal, pink and blue designs covered by dark teal shingles, with large brown door. Colorful moroccan shopping bag on bicycle in town.

A few of the many "motos" around the city.

Cat sitting in front of motorcycle in front of large green door with red accents in salmon colored entryway.Large green tree in front of salmon colored building in front of bright blue sky. Title floors in Morocco

A few of my favorite floors.

Exploring Marrakech and wooden supplies. Assorted raffia items lining doorway into store.

Lampshades woven from grass of Africa. 

Assorted raffia items. Black raffia slides on blue and yellow tiled floor in front of raffia bag filled with green and white seeds. Exploring Marrakech's greenery and scenery. Bright blue sky with deep blue and yellow house next to cacti.

Jardin Majorelle

Sitting poolside in pink raffia loafers and pink pants, next to yellow table with colored drawing pens.

The Cafe at the Yves Saint Laurent Museum.

Cacti scenery in Marrakech. Enjoying Turkey's cuisine. Having fun with waiter in Marrakech restaurant while he pours tea from pot above his head.

Cafe at Jardin Majorelle.

Waiter in Marrakech standing between two marble tables with drink on platter with view of Fez in background. Overhead greenery in front of white home in Marrakech.

Dinner at La Femme

Overhead view of Fez town and assorted dyed leather being laid out dry.Pink dyed leather in leather district on stone street with men standing around.

The leather tanneries & market place. One of the oldest tanneries in the world.

Beautiful entryway way in Fez. Tile stairs leading up to blue and red door under yellow wall with surrounding greenery. Greenery outside blue home in Fez. Assorted plants surrounding and atop black, tan and white tiled entryway. Man with hand on his head in black and white dress outside restaurant. Tan entryway with sign above large green door with white overhead.Assorted colorful chairs with pink embellished wall behind with teal fountain. Blue flower pot with red flowers and green leaves in front of pink wall with green leaves.Wild white daises. Pink pants with brown shoes on beautiful tile of blue assorted colors.

Four white chairs with green padding in white room with shells on red table. Scene outside in Fez with greenery hanging above and in pots with outdoor seating.Three tiered shelf of seashells and ocean items.

A beautiful collection of coral and shells.

Cobbler in Marrakech working on shoes.

Love his smile!