Istanbul Photo Journal

Plane view of Istanbul city.Waiter in Istanbul holding fish for dinner. Assorted spices and laid out in Istanbul food market. Outside Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii) in Istanbul. Tea for two while browsing velvet samples in Istanbul. Teacup held in front of assorted colors of velvets in Istanbul.Enjoying fish dinner in Istanbul. Milicent sitting on colorful kilim carpet in Istanbul. Cobbler in yellow working on kilim shoes and velvet slippers. He is seated in front of a white wall with a painting of a ship on it. Variety of silk colors to be used for velvet shoes. Red banana stand in Istanbul town with red and white awning on cobblestone street. Wrapping up cheese in brown packaging for awaiting customer. Enjoying lunch in Istanbul with soup, bread and salad, accompanied by sumak kilim bag in pocketbook style. Gif of a variety of kilim shoes inclusing kilim loafers, kilim slippers and sumak shoes on kilim rugs. Walking up to the Aya Sofrya in Istanbul, Turkey.