Interior Designers We Love & Artemis

Charlotte Moss

Favorite Artemis Product:
Velvet Slippers for IBU Movement
(a collaboration we did with Charlotte and IBU Movement)
“Simply put--the quality is fantastic and the whole vibe spells FUN.  The slides are great for AT HOME every day with jeans or my staple of cropped pants and white shirts-- my go-to at night after work and in summer with all of my caftans.”
Photo: Pieter Estersohn, Interior designed by Charlotte.

black and white velvet slippers for ibu movement paired with living room scene. living room has red themed assorted couches, painting, and kilim carpet.

Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent

Favorite Artemis Product:
Men’s Kilim Loafers
@nateberkus @jeremiahbrent
“If black isn’t the color and leather loafers are not the style you are looking for, check out the Kilim Smoking Shoes by Artemis which shifts the trend from ‘BoBo’ to ‘Boho’. The casual but clean design is made from vintage  Turkish carpets with additional soft linings and leather insoles for comfort. With a pair handy in your closet, they can be worn on the daily and to informal, laid-back events.”
Photo: Nate and Jeremiah wearing the collaboration we did together.
nate berkus and jeremiah brent with neutral toned mens kilim loafers

Eddie Ross

Favorite Artemis Product: Men’s Kilim Loafers
Instagram: @eddieross
“Eddie consistently re-imagines the aesthetic possibilities in secondhand finds, imbuing them with a chic and colorful sophistication within everyone’s reach. His sold-out tours of flea markets across the country have empowered legions of devoted followers to find the best things they can and, at the same time, to give new life to what they may already own.”
Photo and quote from

eddie ross holding blue ceramic vase paired with mens kilim loafers with dark base and colorful accents.

Heidi Pribell

Favorite Artemis Product:
Women's Kilim Loafers
“I admire Milicent's creativity and intrepid business know-how. Her unique shoes are so highly appealing, it's very easy to buy several pairs at a time. That said, I adore her exotic duffle bags most of all!  Getting away for the weekend is so much more fun traveling with an exuberant bag in hand. Shopping her products has me feeling both sophisticated and bohemian. Her rugs look great with both formal furniture and flea-market finds!”
Photo from
heidi pribell interior living room with tan tones, paired with womens kilim loafers.

Abby Yozell

1. Why do you love Artemis?
I’m a big fan of Artemis Design for many reasons, (not the least of which is their adorable office dog Gerry)! but seriously I love all things that take us a bit further afield, that invoke the wonderful things that other cultures offer us. I guess I'm a wanderlust at heart. And anything that involves up-cycling has to be a good thing for everyone, right? That’s the principal behind our collection of vintage fabric pillows at Choixhome.
2.  Your favorite Artemis product:
 We propose Artemis rugs whenever we can.  I’m in love with the Boucherouites and the Azizals. Where else can you get all that crazy color in one place? You can't make that stuff up! My favorite one? That pale blue and pink Moroccan Wedding Blanket is the bomb. On the shoe side of things, my favorite thing is when I’m at a party or event and I spy Artemis clad feet. I know the person inside that shoe is going to be interesting. 
3.  Your favorite design tip:
We always start a room with the rug and build up from there. I’m a flat-weave Kilim girl.
Photo: Interior designed by Abby.
abby yozells interior design with green tones, paired with kilim rug.

Annie Kettler

1. Why do you love Artemis? 
A gorgeous antique Kilim rug can make a room. These shoes and bags truly make an outfit! I love them for their versatility and unique flair they add to even the simplest of looks. Just like a beautiful Kilim carpet, these shoes are instant classics and will never go out of style. 
2.  Your favorite Artemis product:  
The furry babouche!  Just look at them.  I love a touch of anything unexpected and wild... Dr. Seuss chic! 
3.  Your favorite design tip: 
When space planning for a rug, I always suggest going larger when you can.  You will want to see some flooring underneath of course, but a larger carpet makes the furniture seem more grounded and the room more spacious.
Photo from Annie’s Instagram.

annie ketlers living room interior design with white goat slippers.

Annabelle Moehlmann

1. Why do you love Artemis?
I absolutely adore my Artemis shoes (as well as my husband's — every guy should own a pair). They're comfortable, classic, and instantly add global flair to an outfit. 
2.  Your favorite Artemis product:  
Velvet smoking shoe.
3.  Your favorite design tip: 
Collect things you truly love over time, and forget the idea of compromising your taste to fill a space all at once. Besides, it's always about the high and low mix. I am a big believer in layering antiques with contemporary pieces, and adding pops of color to a neutral base for a fresh and contemporary look that still has depth and a sense of history.
Photo: Annabelle wearing a sweater featuring her blog's name, “Land of Belle”.


Annabelle Moehlmanns seated in living room on kilim couch paired with velvet smoking shoes.

Sarah Scales

1. Why do you love Artemis?
Kilim rugs bring bold pattern, one-of-a-kind design, and history to both my spaces and my wardrobe.  My Artemis shoes are unique to me and hint of a land far away…Shoes with a Story.  I love that.
2.  Your favorite Artemis product:  
The McNeil Velvet Smoking Shoe.  The cut is classic, the pattern is brave...animal print, after all, is a neutral (according to Jenna Lyons). Last but not least, velvet and silk will always evoke sophistication for me.  
3.  Your favorite design tip: 
Add something old!  Include a vintage piece to your space to give a sense of the past and personality to any space.  A one-of-a-kind find will make it unique. 
Photo: Sarah in an interior she designed.
Sarah Scales in white kitchen on kilim carpet paired with leopard print McNeill velvet smoking shoes.