Holiday Moodboard and Letter

Dear Artemis Community,

Here we are in December, the most festive, coziest month of the year, and "I'll Be Home For Christmas" has taken on a whole new meaning! This past weekend we had a Nor’Easter in Marblehead which kept us indoors all weekend, and it was a little taste of the months to come. We made cookies, worked on Christmas projects, decorated, and generally embraced the stay-at-home time. Perhaps next year when we have a holiday party every weekend, work obligations to attend to, and are running around, we’ll look back longingly at these simpler days. One thing is for sure, we are embracing the holiday spirit like we never have before, and decorating our home to the gills. 

After Thanksgiving I visited some old friends on the Cape for a socially distanced walk. My friend Peter was there, wearing his very old Artemis Kilim belt (see photo of the belt in the upper right corner). He wears it almost everyday and it shows, but in the best way possible. The leather is buttery and soft, and the solid brass buckles and Kilim are still as bright and crisp as the day our artisans made it. When I first started Artemis (almost 8 years ago!), my only customers were family and friends, and knowing that I would be seeing them year after year made me accountable to the quality of our products in a way that really shows. I feel such a sense of pride when I run into a 2, or even 7 year old product and it looks just as good (and sometimes even better) than when I sold it. 

Our recent releases are festive and colorful…sure to perk you up for the rare event that you get dressed up (our new Charlotte Moss collaboration), or the gift that will brighten someone's day, every day, like our new Velvet Wallet (another one that ages to perfection). Your furry friends will be happy that we finally have something for them- bright Sumak Dog collars and leashes. Gerry (pictured above) approves. And our Velvet Coasters that will elevate your evening cocktail to a new level of ritual bliss.

Wishing you a cozy, safe, and festive holiday season.