Fall Mood board & Letter

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Dear Artemis community,

We’re leaning into the coming season (and this unusual time in our history) by seeking comfort in any way that we can. A well-loved pair of shoes, a crusty homemade loaf of sourdough, a favorite book, and a walk in the neighborhood can work wonders.

Somehow I always find that my threadbare Levis, my favorite cashmere sweater, and several of my oldest pairs of Artemis shoes always find their way to the front of my closet. They just keep getting better and better, season after season. As much as I want to get some wear out of the cheap thrills in my closet, they never seem to make the cut when it comes time to getting dressed.  

When a garment is comfortable and ages well, it usually indicates other important characteristics about it, like the quality, the materials, and the craftsmanship. Low quality, cheaply made products simply never get comfortable, because they don’t last long enough to get to that sweet spot. There is nothing like the feeling of slipping on a well-loved, high-quality shoe. 

Of all of the testimonials and descriptions in our recent survey, comfort was the word most commonly used. We hear it over and over again, “my Artemis shoes feel like house slippers, after wearing them for a few days, they perfectly molded to my feet”, “they are the most comfortable shoes I own, and that’s including my slippers!”, “I’ve been wearing the same pair for years, and they just keep getting better”. 

Our fall designs are intended for just this purpose: soft, plush velvets, well-loved textiles that are as at home in your wardrobe as the antique carpet in your living room. Wishing you the best during this transition of the seasons,



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