At home with- Designer Maura Endres

Kilim shoes on Maura endres

Tell us about your personal design philosophy for your own home? What kind of an environment are you trying to create?

Well, I don't know that I have ever thought too much about defining my design philosophy, but this Billy Baldwin quote... "Stick to things you love. An honest home is always up to date",  really does reflect the way I feel about adding anything to our home. I've have always been attracted to homes that feel collected and a bit unfinished, so I guess the environment that I am after is one that has flexibility and can grow with us on our journey.

What are 3 words to describe your style?

Relaxed, eclectic, creative

maura Endres table top

Favorite design advice?

As the saying goes sometimes you just have to "Buy once, cry once."

maura Endres table top

Where do you find the most inspiration?

I probably find the most inspiration from English and Irish interiors. House & Garden magazine has been a long time favorite.

maura Endres interior design

What is your favorite room and/or space in your home, and why?

Our living room is the center of our cape and the heart of our home. It is the space that sold me on the house 11 years ago. Six different areas of the house are accessed from this one long room. It is quirky, lacks any sort of symmetry, but somehow it feels balanced and has a nice energy.

Maura endres interior design living room

Biggest and/or most favorite splurge?

Some beautiful glasses brought back from Murano. Not the biggest splurge, but a favorite splurge.

Maura endres home kitchen design

Favorite, or least expensive treasure you’ve found?

In almost every room of our house you will find gifts from mother nature, and most of them were free!

Bird's nest- maura endres design

Favorite home item that you found while traveling?

We have a pair of landscape prints found at Portobello Market that remind me of one of my favorite weekend getaways.

art prints

Your favorite places to source materials, furniture, etc. for your home?

I have preferred older things to new since I can remember, so my favorite places to shop are second hand stores, auctions and consignment shops. I love finding vintage textiles from places like Ebay and flea markets. Some remnants get made into pillows, some get draped over the backs of chairs or seat cushions, and they even end up on the table.

maura endres home

What is your favorite Artemis Design Co. item, and why?

I think anyone reading this Q&A would understand my appreciation for your products. I love my Artemis loafers. They are timeless and will always be up to date!

Best advice you've ever received?

Thank God every day.

Cannot live without?

Faith & Family

All photography is courtesy of Maura Endres