Photo Journal: Highlights from Wedding Season

It's that time of year again...the air is getting colder, colorful leaves are falling, and wedding season is behind us.  We love reflecting on all of the beautiful weddings that we've worked on over the past year with fun and creative brides and grooms.

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Alex Pardying wearing kilim shoes is lifting up Christina, his new wife, on dance floor at their wedding.

Christina Fagan and Alex Pardy

Sugar Hill, NH
Photography by Henry and Mac

Christina is the founder of Sh*t that I Knit, a fabulous knitwear company based in Boston, Ma. Christina donates a knitting kit to young adults undergoing cancer treatment for every hat that she sells. 

Groomsmen collection of mens kilim loafers for the pardy wedding.

The Pardy Wedding Groomsmen Collection.  We loved the subtly faded colors of this Kilim. The shoes turned out beautifully! 

Groomsmen of the Pardy wedding wearing their kilim loafers.

christina dancing with her dad, her dad is wearing mens kilim loafers

Jon-Mark and Bobbi Craddock

Isle of Palms & Mount Pleasant, SC
Photography by Caroline Fontenot

Groomsmen of the craddock wedding wearing mens kilim loafersclose up of the grooms mens kilim loafers.
The Kilim that we used to create the Craddock Groomsmen shoes. 
mr and mrs craddock leaving the ceremonygroomsmen walking to the beach in their mens kilim loafers.

Lucie Nadler and Kevin Corkery

Marion, MA
Photography by Alexandria Mauck

Lucie and Kevin Corkery Nadler wearing mens kilim loafers walking on a dock.The Crokery-Nadler groomsmen wearing mens kilim loafers walking on a dock in a line.

The Kilim that we used to create the Corkery-Nadler Groomsmen shoes. They loved the green and black accents in this Kilim, and it certainly blended beautifully with the natural landscape of their wedding venue in Marion, Massachusetts. 
groomsmen running up the stairs in the chapel while wearing mens kilim loafers

Marlaina And Nick Mannella

Finger Lakes, NY
Photography by Larkin and Trevor
Nick in Men's Kilim Loafers

mr and mrs mannella walking down the isle, nick is wearing mens kilim loafers

Nick holding up his bride in a field while wearing mens kilim loafers

Marlaina and Nick kissing on the beach during their honeymoon, nick is wearing mens kilim loafers

"I think I’m one of the rare people who loved their shoes even more than their dress."

-Riley Sheehey, pictured below in the Jane Silk Loafers
Photography by Anna Meyer
Riley Sheehey getting ready for her wedding day in our silk loafers

Riley Sheehey putting on our silk loafers in her wedding dress

Trevor and Jackie Engagement Shoot

Barrington, RI 
Photography by Carly Michelle
Trevor in mens kilim loafers standing next to his fiance jackie  
Trevor in mens kilim loafers standing next to his fiance jackie

Jose and Ashley Santana

Foxfire Mountain House, Mt Tremper, NY
Photography by Alisha Siegel 
Jose Santana on his wedding say standing next to his bridge wearing mens kilim loafers

Jose Santana walking down the isle in his mens kilim loafersChristopher Chiverton and Alexandra Lash Engagement Shoot

SoHo, NY
Photography by Chellise Michael 
Alex in Kilim Slides, Christopher in Men's Kilim Loafers

Alex is wearing kilim slide and Chris is wearing mens kilim loafers in their engagement shoot in soho nyc.

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