Diving into our care packages & the inspiration behind them

watercolor painting

This week, in our "What we're crafting during quarantine" series, we're sharing the inspiration behind items in the care packages that I'm putting together to send to you! These "little packages of inspiration" as we are calling them, are full of some of McNeill and my favorite goodies that keep us connected to the beauty in everyday life at home. 

We are taking this slower time to evaluate the bigger picture here at Artemis, and we put together a quick(ish!) survey that we'd really love to get your feedback through. As a thank you for completing the survey, I will be sending 200 of these care packages to random winners. One lucky winner will receive a $268 gift card, and many random winners will get extra surprises in their care package- mostly trinkets and souvenirs that I've picked up during my travels over the years. 

Please complete our survey HERE, and thank you!


And now let's dive into the contents of the care package!


1. Watercolor note card, painted by yours truly.

watercolor paintings

Here's a creative and fun way to create stationary that is completely one of a kind (we're all about that at Artemis!) and relaxing. Get out some watercolor paper, your paints, brushes, light a candle, and just have fun with patterns and colors.  The nice thing about this, is that you don't need to worry about representing anything...just paint for the fun of it and create an interesting pattern. Once you are done, let it dry and then cut into stationary size note cards. Write something sweet and send to a friend or family member who would love to hear from you.

watercolor notecards

2. Palo Santo stick for burning at home- one of our favorite ways to subtly scent our homes with a comforting woody aroma. Just burn the stick and let it smoke in the room you wish to scent.

palo santo burning 

Palo Santo, meaning “holy wood” in Spanish, is a tree that is widely grown throughout Central and South America, and it's wood is burned for sacred and ceremonial purposes. The smoke is believed to combat negative energy and cleanse a space. Who needs that in their home right now?

3. Our Guide to Reading Kilim Symbols- did you know that every symbol, color, and pattern woven into a Kilim has meaning and represents a hope, a dream, or a story from the life of the weaver? Decode the meaning with our guide and learn the secret meaning of your kilim. 

guide to reading kilim symbols

4. Our book- Once Upon a Flying Carpet, if you're a seasoned Artemis wearer, you probably already have a copy of our book. It tells the charming story of how one magical flying carpet, in disrepair, was transformed into a pair of Artemis shoes. 


5. SURPRISES! We've got to keep some tricks up our sleeves so that you will be surprised and delighted when you open your care package. Other items may include....trinkets and souvenirs from my travels, recipes, wildflower seeds, my favorite type of chapstick...etc etc....

Good luck! 

xx, Milicent