Sumak Kilim Footstool

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Kilim Footstools are back! We just love the perfect foot-propping size, the diminutive bobbin legs, and of course the hand-sourced vintage textiles. They are just the thing to bring a splash of color and pattern to your home.

SKU: HSL000-K0141

  • This item is one-of-a-kind! We photograph each one-of-a-kind product individually, so the footstool you see in the main product images is exactly what you will receive.
  • 14.75" dia, 9.5" high.
  • Made from a hand-sourced Kilim carpet.

Sumak (also spelled Soumak, Soumakh, Sumac, and Soumac) kilims are crafted from a mixture of wool and silk, and have a stronger weave and a more textural hand than other types of kilim carpets. They are known for their intricate designs that incorporate finely detailed symbols, figures, and representations of animals. The crisp and boldly contrasting blues, reds, and whites often featured in Sumak kilims make them a favorite among our community. Each of our Sumak Kilim pieces is handmade from one-of-a-kind Turkish carpets, which means that no two will ever be alike. We photograph each item individually, so what you see here is exactly what you'll receive.


Since our products are made from vintage textiles, each pair we make is completely unique! Even two pairs cut from the same carpet can look very different depending on placement of the pattern, borders vs. interior, etc.

The carpets themselves are vintage, generally with some sort of damage that makes them no longer suitable for use in a home. We repurpose the intact parts as shoes and accessories.

Yes! We photograph each one-of-a-kind product individually, so the two main images at the very top of the page are exactly what you'll receive. Any additional images and videos are other examples of the same style, just to show you what it looks like in action.

Quality & Comfort

Beloved for its slipper-like comfort, see why this style has garnered dozens of 5-star reviews.

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