Size Chart - Belts

Men's Belt Sizing

For men, we recommend ordering the size that is 3-4 inches larger than your usual pant size. Please refer to our conversion chart below for our recommendation. 

Men's pant size (waist)  Artemis Belt Size
26/27 30
28/29 32
30/31 34
32/33 36
34/35 38


Women's Belt Sizing

Since pant sizes vary greatly between women’s brands and styles (hiphuggers versus high waisted, for example), we recommend that you use a tape measure to find the measurement of where you would like to wear your Artemis belt, and refer to our sizing chart below. Please make sure to measure on top of whatever pants or clothing item you will be wearing the belt with, for an accurate fit. Our chart below refers to the size range that each belt will fit (the tightest, and the widest holes). So if you measure 32 inches, you will probably want to take a size 32 in our belt, since 32" fits nicely in our 31.35"-34.24" range. 

Size Smallest Width Widest Width
30 29.25" 32.25"
32 31.25" 34.25"
34 33.25" 36.25"
36 35.25" 38.25"
38 37.25" 40.25"
40 39.25" 42.25"
42 41.25" 44.25"
44 43.25" 46.25"


Please note that all of our belts are Unisex. We do not carry men's specifically sized belts or women's specifically sized belts. We have different recommendations based on gender, because of the nature of men's pant sizing versus women. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at with any questions.