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Once Upon A Flying Carpet

a short story by artemis design co.
This tale begins in a far away land Where talented women weave magic carpets by hand Their patterns and symbols work like a code For the stories, secrets, and dreams that they hold All of this and more make them one of a kind Different from each other carpet you’ll find
In the ancient city of Istanbul, flying carpets dot the sky Tennis playing, sunbathing- it all happens up high, Our magic carpet takes travelers on a sightseeing tour  To view the Hagia Sophia, the Bosphorus and more
As it is flying, spinning, and diving mid-air Our carpet catches a minaret, suffering a tear It makes a crash landing—the passengers are safe But now the beautiful carpet may go to waste
Discarded and forgotten, it flies no more It misses being used—now life is a bore Sometimes it imagines being something else Could it become a sweater, a handbag, or a belt? A kindly cobbler has learned of its fate He says “Something so beautiful can’t go to waste.” This cobbler knows just what he will do He’ll give the carpet new life as an Artemis shoe
For generations his family has practiced the trade He uses his hands to ensure it’s well made The process takes time: there’s no use going fast He gives it leather soles, linings, and shape from a last
It doesn’t yet know if it’s wanted as a shoe 	Until the day it hears a voice it once knew “I remember you from a magic carpet ride 	Now you’ll add comfort and style to my stride”
	It doesn’t yet know if it’s wanted as a shoe 	Until the day it hears a voice it once knew “I remember you from a magic carpet ride 	Now you’ll add comfort and style to my stride”
	Now it takes steps through the Grand Bazaar 	Which looks so different from the ground, instead of up far 	Then from behind it hears a call “Flying carpets for sale, come one and come all!” 	So many colors, patterns, and designs 	And if any get torn, they’ll be just fine 	For our hero has learned this is true 	Each carpet can have its day as an Artemis shoe.
	Artemis Shoe	A charming and comfortable one of a kind shoe originating in Istanbul by the Artemis 		Design Co. team.  Artemis shoes are a cult favorite among fashionable and worldly women, 	men, and children. 	Bosphorus	A narrow waterway that separates the European and Asian sides of Istanbul. 	Cobbler	A skilled artisan that makes Artemis shoes by hand. 	Flying Carpet	An enchanted carpet that takes passengers to their desired destination. 	Grand Bazaar	Turkey’s most famous covered market.  It is often regarded as one of the first shopping 				malls in the world. 	Hagia Sophia	Built in 537 A.D, this Byzantine church is one of Istanbul’s most famous sites. 	Istanbul	Once known as Constantinople, this ancient city connects the European and Asian 				continents and is considered the cultural epicenter of Turkey. 	Kilim	A flat-woven carpet or rug made from natural fibers, featuring vibrant patterns, symbols, 			and designs. 	Kilim Symbol	The geometric shapes found in Kilim carpets, traditionally associated with good fortune or 				protection from evil spirits. See our Guide to Reading Kilim Symbols on page 19. 	Lasts	Solid molds used by Cobblers to give Artemis Shoes their shape. 	Minaret	A tall, slender decorative tower typically attached to a mosque.