Custom Order

Do you have a special carpet, Kilim, or even a piece of upholstery that you think would create beautiful shoes?  Do you see a textile on our site that you love, but wish we made in a different shape or style? We can accommodate most requests now with our custom ordering option. 
Please note that we cannot recreate a specific pair of our one-of-a-kind Kilim shoes.
Here are some examples of custom projects we have worked on in the past: 
  • We have created a completely one-of-a-kind pair of shoes from a friends chair upholstery that her grandmother had woven by hand. It had several stains on it so she wanted to reupholster the chair, but not lose the beautiful parts of her grandmothers work.  We created a completely custom pair of smoking shoes and a small handbag for her. (See the first row of images above!)

  • A friend of ours requested a pair of Slides made with our velvet leopard print textile. (See the second row left image above!)  

  • We have taken a special family heirloom carpet, and made a collection of shoes, Weekender bags, and small accessories as a completely special and commemorative Christmas gift for an entire family.  

  • We created a pair of Silk Slippers from the textile we used to make our Stella Silk Loafers for the mother of our team member, McNeill. (See the second row center and right images above!) 

Custom shoes are $348, plus any extra shipping costs if we should need to send your textile to our workshop in Turkey.
Please email if you have any questions or submit a request below to start the process.