kilim shoes stepping down stairs
Handcrafted from vintage textiles

Always one-of-a-kind

The perfect slip-on heel

Kilim Mules are here!

Handcrafted shoes with a cult following

The Artemis Kilim Loafer, handcrafted from one-of-a-kind Turkish carpets, has garnered a cult following, and its limited releases are collected by fans all over the world. The epitome of style and comfort.

"...something of value that could be kept for a lifetime."

2017 Best Designer, Shoes

"...merge traditional styles with textile from far away."

"I discovered Artemis Design Co. on a family trip to Nantucket three years ago. Ever since, we've been hooked!"

"One of a kind loafers and smoking shoes hand-made from kilim carpets. Need we say more?"