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Step 1

Select up to 6 pairs of shoes in styles and sizes that you’d like to try on at home. We will dispatch the Artemis Flying carpet to bring you a box of beautiful samples in your selected sizes and styles for a refundable fee of $15.



Step 2

Try them on in the comfort of your own home and immerse yourself in the Artemis experience with the gifts that we include.  Have the shoes postmarked for return within 1 week of receiving them with the prepaid return shipping label that we provide.

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Step 3

Once you have found your perfect fit, place your order from our website with the confidence of knowing what size you are in our brand.


How is the $15 fee refunded?  
We will refund your $15 fee once you place an order, or if you share a photo of your Artemis try-on shoes on Instagram and tag us!

What if I keep the shoes, or return them damaged or worn?  
We keep your credit card information on file as a security deposit for the shoes themselves.  We only charge you for the full value of the shoes if you do not return them within the allotted time period, or if they are returned damaged or clearly worn.

Is this for first time customers only?
No, this is for anyone who wants to find their perfect fit in any style.

Do you offer the try-on box for customers outside of the Continental USA?
Not at this time, unfortunately.