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A studio tour with:

Pauline de Roussy de Sales, Our Illustrator


All of the lovely illustrations that you see on our website and in our book, A Short Story by Artemis Design Co., have been illustrated by Pauline.  During a recent visit to New York City for Fashion Week, Milicent stopped into Pauline’s studio to see where the magic happens, and to pick up a few projects that Pauline is working on for us. 


Pauline holding and admiring our book.  She did the beautiful illustrations for it.

I loved all of the little knick knacks and art works in her studio.

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Pauline studied Printmaking at the Rhode Island School of Design.
She now works as a freelance Illustrator and splits her time between New York City and Paris.

One of my favorite illustrations by Pauline (above)!  How cute are those little dogs?

Pauline is also an amazing ceramic artist!  We love her ceramic work featured on the table in the photos below.

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If you haven’t seen or read our book yet, read the whole thing here,
or we’ll send you a copy with your next order!