Classic Kilim Loafer

Our best selling Kilim shoes are hand crafted from vintage Turkish Kilim carpets.  Each pair is truly one-of-a-kind, and impossible to replicate. 


Havana Smoking Shoes

Our Havana Smoking Shoes have a menswear-inspired shape rooted in classic formalwear.  The Havana style is made from Sumak Kilim, a more intricate textile woven with silk and wool. Because of the intricacy of the weaving and the silk thread, it is slightly more expensive than our Classic Kilim Loafers.  


Kilim Smoking Shoes

Our Kilim Smoking Shoes have a menswear-inspired shape rooted in classic formalwear.    Each pair is hand crafted from vintage Turkish Kilim carpets.


Kilim Slides

Our most effortless Kilim shoe style. Crafted from vintage Turkish carpets, every pair of our Kilim Slides are one-of-a-kind.


Special Collections

Velvet Smoking Shoes

Our Velvet Slippers are handmade from 100% silk velvet. This style has the same cut and shape as our Women's Havana Smoking Shoe- a favorite Artemis shoe that fits most foot widths comfortably.


Velvet Slippers

Classic Velvet Slipper Mule


Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent Collection

It's no secret that legendary interior designers Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent are huge Artemis fans.  We first spotted Jeremiah wearing his Kilim Smoking Shoes in an issue of Architectural Digest and ever since then we've been working on a limited edition collection from a Kilim of their choosing.

100% of the profits from this collection will be donated to Planned Parenthood. 


Raffia Collection

Our Raffia shoes are handmade from Raffia grass that is grown in Madagascar and then imported to the seaside town of Essaouira on the West coast of Morocco. It takes a weaver 1-2 days to create one pair of raffia shoes.  100% of the sale from this product supports women-owned and operated business.