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Accessories - Carpet Belt - Size 34
Accessories - Carpet Belt - Size 34

Carpet Belt - Size 34

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About Our Carpet Belt

Due to popular demand, we created a timeless belt for men & women using our signature Oriental Carpet textile, supple leather, and a solid brass buckle.

As opposed to flat-woven kilims, hand-knotted oriental carpets are known for their “pile,” the small, raised fibers that give it a fuzzy texture and a soft, velvety hand. That quality has made oriental carpets more difficult to work with in the past, but our clever cobblers have found a way to gently shave down the pile while preserving its lush feel and appearance.

  • Made from vintage hand-knotted Anatolian Oriental Carpet--typically wool, or a wool & silk blend. Solid brass hardware, which is made in the USA.
  • Handmade in Turkey in a small, family-owned workshop.
SKU: AKBL34-0020