Kilim Belt

Kilim Belt


For Men & Women

Due to popular demand, we created a timeless belt with our signature Kilim & Sumak textile. 

Handmade in Boston, Massachusetts using a solid brass buckle, handwoven Sumak carpet, and 100% vegetable tanned leather. 

Due to the one of a kind nature of the textile, every belt varies slightly and might not look exactly like the photos shown here. 


In order to find your size, measure the part of your hip where the belt will sit with pants on. That measurement is what size you should take, if you are in between sizes go with the next size up. For example, the measurement of my hips is 33 inches.  I could fit comfortably in both the size 32 and 34, but the 34 was a more ideal fit.  

The sizing of our belts is based on the length (in inches) from the very end of the belt buckle to the middle hole of the belt tip. 

Gentlemen typically take belts that are 2 inches up from their normal pant size. For example, if you are a size 36 in your pant size, you would take a size 38 belt. 

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