Charlotte Moss for IBU Collection

We feel so thrilled to announce our second collection with Charlotte Moss for IBU Movement!  The four styles that we created in collaboration with them are now available on

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For this spring collection, legendary Interior Designer Charlotte Moss selected some of favorite silk Ikats from the women's collective in Uzbekistan that we have partnered with in the past.  The luxurious silks are paired with a classic shape, the mule, creating a collection that is as easy to wear as it is beautiful and fun.  

silk loafer.png

A little bit about Charlotte and Susan.  Charlotte Moss is a world-famous Interior Designer and writer, considered to be one of the great masters of the design world.  She made her first foray into the world of fashion by working with Susan and IBU Movement, designing a collection of luxurious, beautiful pieces for women to treasure and wear for a long time. 


Susan Walker founded a womenswear brand called IBU Movement.  She employs 71 women's artisan groups in 24 countries and believes in paying women more than fair wages for the beautiful work they create.  Before founding IBU, Susan studied world religions at the Harvard Divinity School and served as a minister for 18 years.  Susan then studied Fiber Arts at SCAD and developed a strong eye and a passion for weaving, and more importantly for helping support women and their crafts in other parts of the world.  She is truly as special as she sounds, and one of the most generous people I've had the pleasure of working with. 


After spending months emailing back and forth about our first collaboration, I met Susan and Charlotte in person in the lobby bar of the illustrious El Fenn hotel, deep in the maze of Marrakech Medina. Both women had just flown in from New York and Charleston,

SC; we overlapped in Morocco for just one night.  It was a crazy coincidence that we were both collaborating on a project and in Morocco at the same time.  It was a treat to spend an evening brainstorming design ideas and talking color with these two legends. 


The last collection sold out very quickly, so if you like them, I would recommend scooping them up quickly, here.  




velvet:silk Ikat weavers.jpg

Pictured above-- the beautiful weavers who created the silk Ikats used in our collection.