Photo Journal: Memorial Day Weekend

 Lobsters on the table, ready to eat for dinner at Milicent's (founder of the kilim shoe) family home in Maine.

Milicent went to her family home in Maine. It was a little bit cloudy and rainy which made for a cozy weekend indoors! 

 Nantucket illustration of boaters in Kilim shoes. 

Milicent wore our Stella Silk Loafers all weekend, which provided a nice pop of color against the misty gray Maine sky.

 Kilim interior in Milicent's family home in Maine.

You can't go to a family cocktail party in Maine without seeing a LOT of Artemis! Our Classic Kilim Loafers are pictured to the left and our Kilim Slides, to the right (atop a Sumak Kilim carpet, of course.

Below, a beautiful illustration of our new natural Raffia Babouches, done by our friend Pauline de Roussy de Sales.

 illustration of our Raffia Loafers

Lena stayed with friends in Provincetown (in a really gorgeous beach house).

 Carson velvet slides or velvet mules on the teal stairs in Provincetown, MA.
 Teal stairs in a house located in Provincetown, MA.

Our Carson Velvet Slides matched the interior so well!

 Ceramic collection that matched our velvet slides perfectly.
 Ceramic collection that matched our velvet mules perfectly.

Even the adorable ceramic collection matched our Slides perfectly!

 Carson velvet slides on a white painted floor.
 Carson Velvet mules lounging in front of the fireplace.

Jenna took a day trip to Martha’s Vineyard. She was wearing our Edgie Silk Loafers amongst the Gingerbread Cottages in Oak Bluffs. 

 gingerbread Cottage Martha's Vineyard.
 gingerbread cottage in Martha's Vineyard.

McNeill enjoyed her stay-cation in our Charlotte Silk Loafers.

 Charlotte Silk Loafers on a Kilim carpet.