Photo Journal: The Brimfield Antique Show

 The Artemis Design Co. tent filled with Kilim Shoes.

The Artemis Design Co. Cabana!

 The left side of our tent filled with Kilim Shoes.
 The right side of our tent filled with Kilim Shoes.
 Milicent and lena unloading the truck in their Kilim Shoes

Milicent and Lena unloading the truck
and setting up.

 Tent filling with different styles of our Kilim Shoes.
 Sitting in our tent in Kilim shoes.

Scenes from inside our cabana.

 Interior details of tent filled with Kilim shoes.
 Kai taking a nap surrounded by Kilim Shoes.

Siesta time!

 getting ready to sell our Kilim Shoes

Thank you @galateatemple for all of your help this week!

New members of the Artemis Community!

 our team in Kilim Aprons and Kilim Shoes

The Brimfield Team:
Courtney, Kai (Milicent's Mom), Milicent, Mary (Lena's Mom), and Lena.

 Eating donuts in Kilim Shoes.
 Drinking Lemonade in Kilim Shoes.

Homemade donuts and lemonade-perfect antiquing fuel.

 Shopping for rugs in our Kilim Shoes.
 Shopping for glassware in our Kilim Shoes.

Things we wanted to take home-antique glassware and carpets.

 Lena and Mary wearing Kilim Shoes and Kilim Aprons.
 Milicent and her mom wearing Kilim Aprons and Kilim shoes.

The mother & daughter duos modeling our Kilim Aprons we made specially for Brimfield. We are now taking orders, click here to request an apron!

 Gerry on the couch and Milicent standing next time him in her Kilim Shoes.

Gerry was a huge help as always!