What is a Kilim?

Kilim Definition

Ki·lim: kēˈlēm/


  1. A Kilim is a flat-woven carpet or rug made in Turkey, Kurdistan, and neighboring areas. (definition from Google)

  2. A pileless handwoven reversible rug or covering made in Turkey, Kurdistan, the Caucasus, Iran, and western Turkestan. (definition from Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

Kilim Symbology:

The symbols, patterns and colors that make up a Kilim carpet are not purely decorative. Each symbol represents something, and tells us something about the life of the person (usually a woman) who designed and created the carpet.  Here is a brief guide to reading Kilim symbols.

The difference between Kilim, and Sumak Kilim

We receive a lot of questions about the difference between "Sumak Kilim", and "Kilim"- Sumak is a style of Kilim, that is slightly more expensive due to more intricate weaving, and the mix of silk and wool fibers, as opposed to 100% wool. Our Havana Smoking shoes, Our Kilim Sumak Belt, our Sumak Baby Duffle, and several of our Weekender style bags are made from Sumak Kilim carpet. 

The Artemis Guide to reading Kilim Symbols (1).jpg