Artemis Profile: Peter Sholley

What is your favorite Artemis Design Co. item, and why?


I love the loafers because they go with just about any outfit I'm rocking and are a perfectly easy size to pack. Little known fact: they're also the best skateboarding shoes on the market.


What is your most memorable/special piece of clothing, jewelry, or accessory?


My friends will laugh, but my most special piece is the signet ring my dad gave me on my eighteenth birthday.


What room in your house resonates the most with you, and why? 


The living room - I'm a happy guy whenever the whole family is home and in there sitting by the fire.


What is your favorite book, and why? 


Just Kids, by Patti Smith. Simply put, it made me want to move to New York where I now live.


Cannot live without?


Two-way tie between good music and a light and refreshing snack on-hand.


Most memorable travel experience?


Studying abroad in Barcelona.


Dream future trip? 


Backpacking Machu Picchu or anywhere in Peru.


Best advice you've ever received?


"Have a thick skin and a short memory."

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