Sourcing in Turkey

Just a few of the hundreds of Kilim carpets that I looked at and selected. These Kilims will be used this fall and winter for our Kilim shoes, Kilim bags, and other exciting projects that are in the works! On my feet are our signature Havana Smoking Shoes, which I wore everyday on my trip. 




Inside the courtyard of the Blue Mosque, in Sultanhamet, Istanbul


A corn seller.  Grilled and boiled corn is a popular summertime snack for locals and tourists.


Baklava and Kaymak. Kaymak is a delicious Buffalo Milk cream. It is eaten with bread and honey, or as a creamy complement to Baklava! 


My favorite part of traveling to Turkey (besides sourcing beautiful textiles) is the food! Mezes and mixed kabob are some of my staples while in Istanbul. 


So many Kilim shoes on the drying rack! These are our Havana Smoking Shoes.

Kilim on Kilim- what could be better! I'm wearing our Havana Smoking Shoes in this photo. 

Onto the workshop!  During this trip, they were very busy creating our fall collection of Havana Smoking Shoes! You can see them here in various stages of the Kilim shoe making process. 

This cobbler is an expert at sewing trim onto the shoes.  Here he is, sewing on our signature brown trim to the kilim uppers. 

Kilim shoe uppers!