Fulfillment, Inventory, & Customer Care Specialist

Now accepting applications!  In our next hire, we're looking for someone who is equal parts detail and people-oriented.  Sound like you?  See "How To Apply" on our main Careers page.

Skills & Traits

  • Clear Communication Skills
  • Warm, Professional, Approachable Demeanor
  • Strong Visual Awareness
  • Careful & Attentive to Detail
  • Lover of Order & Organization

Primary Responsibilities

  • Anticipate customers' needs and potential issues, provide above-and-beyond service
  • Complete order fulfillment accurately and with lots of heart
  • Use knowledge of customers to create opportunities for gifting and other personal touches
  • Collect customer feedback for product development
  • Log, photograph, & process incoming inventory
  • Assist in processing inventory for pop-ups, events, etc.

A Very Satisfying Day in This Position...

One in which the quality of your service has made a customer feel like a person, seen and cared for, or solved a problem before the customer experienced it; in which you opened three big boxes of new inventory (like Christmas morning!), and finished the day with new products on the site, ready to go into the world; in which you converted a frustrated customer into a lifelong Artemis lover; in which you have done good, careful work, made order out of chaos, and are able to see the physical fruits of your labor (a stack of shipped orders--very satisfying!).  Above all, you're confident and proud of the accuracy of your work.