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Women's Carpet Loafers - Size 41

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About Our Carpet Loafers

Our best-selling Loafer shape pairs beautifully with luxurious hand-knotted Anatolian carpet, known for its velvety texture and fine traditional patterns. Each pair of our Carpet Shoes are handmade from vintage, one-of-a-kind Turkish carpets, which means that no two pairs will ever be alike.*

As opposed to flat-woven kilims, hand-knotted oriental carpets are known for their “pile,” the small, raised fibers that give it a fuzzy texture and a soft, velvety hand. That quality has made oriental carpets more difficult to work with in the past, but our clever cobblers have found a way to gently shave down the pile while preserving its lush feel and appearance.

Product Details

  • Vintage hand-knotted Oriental carpet upper--typically wool, or a wool & silk blend.
  • Leather sole with 3/4 inch heel.
  • Handmade in Istanbul in a small, family-owned workshop, by cobblers whose families have practiced the craft for generations.
*The Carpet Loafers pictured here are the actual pair that you will receive.