Kilim Shoe Care & Sizing

Artemis Design Co. Flying Carpet Shoes are handmade by skilled Turkish cobblers using antique carpets. Due to the handwoven nature of the carpets that we source, you may notice small imperfections or asymmetries in the patterns, which make every pair of our Kilim shoes magical and one-of-a-kind.

Your Flying Carpet Shoes may start out feeling a little stiff, but with a few wears they will mold to your foot comfortably and beautifully. The Kilim textile and leather sole are very durable and will age well with time. If you plan on using your Kilim shoes for daily walks or throughout city streets, you may extend the life of the soles by asking your local cobbler to attach a rubber sole to them. If your shoes become a little bit wet, that’s ok; just let them dry out completely and continue wearing as usual. To clean small stains, blot with a warm washcloth and, once dried, remove dirt stains with a bristle brush.

 Men's Kilim shoe illustration by Pauline

It’s a perfect fit if...

...initially they feel snug (even uncomfortably so), but your toes are flat rather than scrunched up to fit.  Much like high quality leather shoes, our Kilim shoes will stretch to mold to your foot.  


 Women's Kilim Shoe illustration by Pauline

They are too large if... can fit your finger in the space behind your heel. They should be exchanged for a smaller size.  If there is just a bit of space, and your heel occasionally pops out of the back, a heel insert (available on may do the trick.

 Women's Kilim Loafer illustration by Pauline

They are too small if...

...your toes are curled under to squeeze into your Kilim shoes lengthwise.  If your toes are flat but the shoe is very tight around the sides of your feet, hang in there!  The Kilim material will stretch to accommodate your foot width-wise and a tiny bit lengthwise.   

Breaking them in...

 After wearing them for 1-3 days you should feel a noticeable difference in the stiffness and tightness of the Kilim. If they are still feeling very tight, we suggest wearing them around the house with thick socks on.  If they still feel tight, we suggest bringing them to your local cobbler to be stretched in your specific problem areas.  You will notice that after they are fully broken in, the Kilim will feel soft and relaxed.  Also note that the Havana or Sumak styles are made from a more structured, dual-layer textile that takes longer to break in than the Kilim styles.


Women's Sizing Guide



Men's Sizing Guide



In order to find your Kilim Belt size, measure the part of your hip where the belt will sit while wearing pants. That measurement is what size you should take, if you are in between sizes go with the next size up. For example, the measurement of my hips is 33 inches.  I could fit comfortably in both the size 32 and 34, but the 34 was a more ideal fit.  

Gentlemen typically take Kilim belts that are 2 inches up from their normal pant size. For example, if you are a size 36 in your pant size, you would take a size 38 belt. 

Please refer to this sizing guide below. 

 Kilim Belt sizing diagram

Kilim Bag Sizing