Some of the brands we work with & have created special collections for:

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Our wholesale relationship with customers is a little bit unusual (in the best way) since the majority of our items are one of a kind. We want to make sure you are getting the exact pieces that you want, so we ask that you order your selection through our site.  Because every single piece is unique, we cannot provide accurate line sheets (well, we could, but they would be larger than an encyclopedia, and we don’t want to cut down a million trees!).  The website contains every single piece that we have in stock, and therefore, your items will ship right away.  

If you are interested in a larger project or a special collaboration, please reach out to our designer/founder at, and she will talk to you about the endless and beautiful possibilities.

Opening a wholesale account with Artemis Design Co. :

Please reach out to us so that we may evaluate if we are a good fit for one another.  We care deeply about our wholesale partners and keeping our product special and unique to their store.  For this reason, we like to evaluate the physical location and its proximity to our other stockists.

Ordering instructions :

  1. Shop as usual. Pick out whatever combination of items would be best for your store, and add them to your cart.

  2. Use the special promo code we will create for you to apply your wholesale discount to your entire order. The discount won't apply until the minimum is met.  Please inquire about the minimum. 

  3. Check out as usual, select the "wholesale shipping option" and expect your order to arrive within 5-8 business days!

  4. After your opening order is placed, you will be given another Promo code (on request) with which you may order anything on our site with no minimum at the wholesale discount, so you can keep your store re-stocked!

Please provide us with your physical address, social media tags, and website so that we can let our customer base know about our fabulous new retail partner!

Please submit any inquiries below!

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