Artemis Community Q&A

We want to learn more about you! Every now and then, we will ask a fun, informal interview question in our emails and on Instagram. Respond to our emails or Instagram posts with your answer for a chance to be featured! 

What is your summer uniform?

“My white linen button up sundress and Artemis Raffia Loafers. I can’t go a week without wearing it!”-Lena Voghel

“My new Pink City Prints dress from Tuckernuck with @artemisdesignco sandals!!” -Milicent Armstrong

“I usually wear patterned pants with Kilim Slides and a solid color tank top under a t-shirt. I love to layer.”-Lily Melby

 What is your favorite summer activity?

“Riding bikes in Washington DC & Georgetown!!”-Tyler Tomczewski

“Spending all day in my garden.” -Lena Voghel

“Reading in a shady hammock.” -McNeill Shiner

“Boating and swimming in the ocean...being in the water in general.” -Milicent Armstrong

 What was the last museum you visited?

"I visited a tiny nautical museum in Portland, ME"-Alex Lash

"DIA Beacon in NY!"-Anne Sholley

"I think the Frida Kahlo museum in Mexico City is a good one to mention here! Also love the @thewarholmuseum
- Alexis Corry

"Mauritshuis in The Hague! Amazing!" -@nileta.ny

"The Met" -@tksearles66

"Barnes Foundation in Philly"- @leeowensdesign

"Have you been to the Friendship Museum in Friendship, ME? It’s probably the world’s smallest/cutest. ;)" - Pheobe Lehy

How do you style your Artemis shoes?

"Usually with jeans!"- Joan Kagan

 “I love wearing my Sumak Sandals with my new Gingham pants...I love the look of pattern on pattern!”-Milicent Armstrong

“I wear my Smoking Shoes with cuffed jeans, and I like to wear my Slides with a sundress” -Annabel Armstrong

“I wear my Artemis Smoking Shoes with both swim trunks and with a tux...they go with everything.” -Brian Gault

“You can’t go wrong with a matching shirt and skirt combo and a pair of  Smoking Shoes.”-Lena Voghel

“I love pairing my Smoking Shoes with an equally crazy/fun printed pant and a fitted top. Also vintage sundresses with the Kilim Loafer!”-Carson LaGreca

“With simple shift dresses on summer's hottest days!”-McNeill Shiner  

 What is your favorite go-to summer recipe?

"That's easy. Just made it for the first, then s second time: a strawberry rhubarb crisp. I used Ina Garten's recipe and it is heavenly with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Smells incredible too!"-Diane Thompson

"A salad of lightly sautéed local vegetables mixed with farro, pasta, lentils or quinoa...dressed simply with olive oil, lemon juice, herbs and garlic."-Amy Jennings

"Watermelon Gazpacho." -Cody Nowell

What is your favorite souvenir from your travels?

"Pictured is a collection of mermaid tears or sea glass. These pieces hold memories of many seasons of my children scouring the rocky coast of Southport Island, Maine. The discovery of a cobalt blue piece today, would likely evoke the same excitement as twenty years ago!" -Carol Zagrodny

"The Hermès scarf that I bought in Paris. I will keep it forever!" -Annabel Armstrong

"I have a thing for fabric. On our honeymoon in Paris, I stumbled upon an antique market just near the Luxembourg Gardens. Two women were in a stall selling table linens and napkins. I found the most precious hand-embroidered, blue and white napkins and placemats that will complement our Gien plates perfectly." -@morningatthemarket

"Painted pottery from Portugal!" -Anne Sholley

"A Burmese gong - purchased in Bagan." -Julie Palo Hayes

What is your best summer travel advice?

“Summer travel provides the perfect opportunity to pack you can come home with more!”-Emily Powers

“Always use a carry on!”-Jaqueline Peace

“Ditch the heels and go!”-Nina Pickering-Cook

“In the age of influencers providing awesome guides to new places, leave time on your itinerary to just explore and find your own gems, new friends and may just end up being the best part of your trip!”-Eleanor Riley

"Invest in a good dry shampoo and carry it with you in your purse!"-Lena Voghel