Photo by Courtney Ryan

Photo by Courtney Ryan

Artemis Design Co. couples unique, worldly textiles with classic design to create one of a kind handbags, kilim shoes, and other accessories.  A passion for collecting, faraway travels, and love of all things beautiful has led designer Milicent Armstrong to source and design her many collections.  

Artemis is best known for their magical "Flying Carpet Shoes" -- one of a kind kilim loafers and kilim smoking shoes that are all handmade from genuine Turkish flying carpets! We handpick the most vibrant, beautiful Kilim carpets from the bazaars of Turkey, and then make limited edition collections, resulting in completely one of a kind and collectible footwear. 

Artemis Design Co. has been featured at fine retailers, such as Steven Alan, United Arrows of Japan, Anthropologie, Tuckernuck and Of A Kind, as well as well-curated, small boutiques across the country and in Japan.  For a complete and current list of the stores and locations carrying our collections, see our 'where to find us' tab. 

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behind the scenes from our shoe making workshop in turkey

Step 1

Here are the raw materials- Turkish Kilims that are no longer suitable for what they were originally intended for- they might have a small stain or hole in them. We simply cut around those unusable parts and give new life to the beautiful parts of the carpet!

Step 2

Our skilled pattern cutters locate and cut the best parts of the Kilims into our various patterns, sew on our signature trim, and back the material with lining. 

Step 3

Our skilled cobblers attach the Kilim to shoe lasts. Shoe lasts are solid forms made to imitate the shape of a human foot.

Step 4

Here they are being formed to the shoe lasts. 

Fresh Kilim shoes on the drying rack.

The last step in the process

Each pair of shoes is combed over and any Kilim spots that have little gaps or mismatched colors are carefully hand sewn with matching wool thread.